People have bathed here for more than 400 years

The first documented reference of sulphur baths at Wilen was as early as 1605, however it‚Äôs origins go back many years before that. In 1687, with the promise of financial backing, the owner at the time was asked by the authorities to build housing over the sulphur bath. In 1819 a new bathing hut was constructed and the spring water was freshly sourced. Thereby, Wilerbad was finally recognised as a Spa establishment with room for about 200 guests, who used to spend the night on leaf sacks. For treatments, four bathing cabinets stood on the first floor, and several bath ‚Äúcupboards‚ÄĚ in the cellar. Access was through a narrow, bumpy track. Guests had to make their own way on foot, or be carried by sedan chair.