What colour is your well-being?

As a guest, simply immerse yourself in the colourful world that is Wilerbad: stay in a room the colours of the four seasons, enjoy the vibrant “colour buffet”, then bring your evening to a perfect close in the cogenial ambience of the red tones within the Wilerbar.

Book a sense of achievement

We’ve got it. The environment where ideas positively bubble and flow, the modern platform to realise your vision. And we will personally ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Celebrate with us!

Our venue is bright and generously proportioned, thus allowing us to be flexible with the right space to suit the size of your party; we can accommodate up to 180 people, and the setting can be transformed – for whatever the occasion – from festive banquet to vibrant ballroom.

Our Rooms: each uniquely furnished

Rooms in the colours of the four seasons….
Each of our floors denotes a season and is accordingly colour co-ordinated. Naturally, that goes for each of the respective rooms.

Indulge yourself – from Lake Sarnen to Thailand

Just as it should be at Lake Sarnen, alongside traditional Swiss specialities we also serve sophisticated dishes from our excellent fish cuisine. Our much-loved Thai restaurant is one of the most authentic in the region.

Our Spa – spacious and relaxingly extravagant

Many of you will have already seen just about everything there is to do with spas. And yet: the Wilerbad Spa is a real gem.