We are myclimate partner hotel!

Myclimate 2021

We have been a myclimate partner hotel since April 2021.
While we strive to make as little impact on the environment and climate as possible, a stay at a hotel does produce greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to our planet. Your contribution means you are taking responsibility for these emissions and actively supporting the protection of our environment and natural surroundings. As a thank you, we will double your contribution and invest in effective climate protection measures on site. This shared commitment to environmental and climate protection has a double impact, supporting sustainable enjoyment of nature locally and globally. In all seminars which have been booked from 2021, the climate contribution of CHF 3.00 is already included in the seminar package. 
Specifically, your funds will be used for a solar project in Tanzania. Find out more here.

We’re making this commitment in collaboration with Foundation myclimate, Switzerland, as part of the «Cause We Care» programme.

We are also very committed to sustainable hotel operations in other ways.
Learn more about our actions here. By the way, you can support us during your stay and even save money!

Specifically, your funds will be used for a solar project in Tanzania.  learn more about the projects of myclimate here.