Our Mission Statement


The guest is always at the center of our thinking and action. It is our most important good. Warmth and passion are our recipe for success. We bring exceptional things to life, and the personality is very important to us. Flexibility and friendliness are our strengths.


An open employee policy, tolerance and the respectful interactions are important to us. We demand and encourage the individual responsibility of each individual and the team spirit. Our management style is cooperative and fair. We regularly give feedback and are open to talks. We expect every employee to think, make suggestions and identify with the company. Our employees are the pillars of the company and have the competence to make decisions and take responsibility.


Our processes and values ​​are constantly redesigned and adapted so that we can guarantee economic and success-oriented work. We strengthen the loyalty of our employees by the type of management. We pay close attention to the safety, well-being and health of our employees, guests and partners.


Sustainability is a great concern for us, so we take consideration of the environment, commit ourselves and use our resources sparingly.
Our social commitment


We are an honest, reliable hotel and maintain a quality-oriented and respectful relationship with our suppliers and partners. It is importanr for us to use regional products.

Every employee is responsible for the well-being of the guests