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What colour is your well-being?

Five colours
For centuries, Philosophers, scientists and artists alike have argued about the theories of colour.  We have a different approach at Wilerbad.  On every hotel level, you will find each of the four seasons and their differing colours and ambience represented.   A choice of gemstones in the seminar rooms, and colourful incident light is reflected in the Thai restaurant.  This mix gives unique and variable ‘colour moods’.  The reactions of our guests to these worlds of colour have led to a small palette of five primary colours – “Fyf Farba” – that influence our image and concept today.

Notable is the number five (Fyf).  In the Asian world - as opposed to the colour theories of the west – the number five plays an important role.  The eastern charm of the Taptim Thai restaurant has gradually evolved in effect and provides a bridge to our wellness facility with its aura of the east.


Encounter colour
As a guest, simply immerse yourself in the colourful world that is Wilerbad:  stay in a room the colours of the four seasons, enjoy the vibrant “colour buffet”, then bring your evening to a perfect close in the cogenial ambience of the red tones within the Wilerbar.